Gainesville Regional Utilities lowers fuel cost rate by 5 mills 

GRU electric meters

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) announced a December reduction in its fuel adjustment rate for electric and gas customers, marking the fourth reduction this year.  

For electric customers, the fuel adjustment will drop by five mills to a rate of 40 mills. The five-mill reduction will result in a $5 savings for customers using 1,000 kilowatt hours. For the average bill using 800 kilowatt hours, customers will save $4.  

Natural gas customers using 25 terms will save $0.75.  

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The fuel adjustment rates rise and fall depending on the market cost for natural gas. The rate is a straight pass-through cost, meaning GRU doesn’t make money on that portion of the bill.  

GRU raised its fuel adjustment cost to keep up with rising natural gas prices in 2022, causing the fuel adjustment to nearly equal the base rate. At the start of 2023, electricity customers had a rate of 80 mills for the fuel adjustment. GRU dropped the rate by 15 mills in April and July followed by a November reduction of five mills.  

Even with a 3% increase in the electricity base rate that began in October, a 1,000-kilowatt-hour bill this December will be around $36 less than December 2022.  

The topic of GRU rates is on the agenda for the GRU Authority meeting scheduled for Dec. 6.  

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Thank you Governor Desantis for firing and removing the Mayor and Commissioner’s from any governance over GRU. Now let’s work on respirations they owe Gru customers and GRU. Did the old regime actually take over 68 million in transfer’s while profits did not cover that withdrawal. Once they give back the $250,000 they used to sue us, can we do a deep dive audit into their transfers for the last 2 decades? Could be Epic for Gru customers.None of the rate reductions would have happened without this new intelligent Utility board

BILL Stengle

Juan is correct. I’d like to ad that if malfeasance is involved that some of that recoupment could potentially come from the insurance policies that cover(ed) the city and GRU. Realizing there are statutes of limitation and policy limits not all would be recoverable but the new board should look at thisd as well as state auditors and FDLE.

BILL Stengle

The threat of a new “sheriff in town” (GRU Authority) made people nervous. Now that it is inplace these same people are terrified and scrambling to suddenly be accountable now that the spigot of free money to Gainesville coffers is drying up. We’re seeing small-but-important reductions, do nothing projects like Reichert closing, some vacant positions suddenly not as needed as they were before, etc. I have to say: “You nailed it again, guv. Well done!!

Real Gainesville Citizen and Voter

The “respirations” they owe us? I don’t recall the mayor and commissioners taking away anyone’s ability to replenish oxygen levels in bodily tissues.
Let’s face it folks: Tallahassee (Chuckles Clemons, the lege, Governor DeSanitone) has removed our (Gainesville citizens) utility from our (Gainesville voters) control. Top-down government, the state directs all: that smacks of Soviet Communism. What’s next? Five year plans? If you don’t like the way your elected representative are running things, you vote the bums out of office. The LEAST thing you want to do is have Big Brother step in.


Well you got it by being children, so yes someone has to be an adult

The city commission has been a day care train wreck for quite a while.