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The Gainesville Police Department (GPD) on Friday confirmed an accident involving an injury on 13th Street at West University, but provided little in way of information about the crash, which occurred last week.

A person who said they witnessed the accident contacted Mainstreet Daily News on July 23 to ask why the July 22 crash hadn’t been reported in the local media.

The witness, who did not wish to be quoted in a story, described a man in a wheelchair being hit by a semi-truck. Mainstreet Daily News has been attempting to verify details provided by the witness, and find additional information about the incident.

While police officials have confirmed there was an accident, they have not released a full report on the crash, nor have they confirmed any details supplied by the witness, except to say the person who was injured in the crash is in stable condition at a hospital.

After Mainstreet requested the initial crash report, the GPD sent a redacted file containing the time, day and location of the accident, but other specifics were not part of the file.

GPD officials said Friday that a criminal investigation is ongoing, and because the case involves possible pending criminal charges, they couldn’t release additional information at this time.

In addition to requesting information from GPD, Mainstreet Daily News has requested call logs and audio files from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office related to 911 calls about the crash.

The danger to pedestrians and cyclists in that West University/13th Street has driven several recent changes to the West University corridor. After two UF students died in separate incidents in December and January, city and state officials have stepped up enforcement efforts, retimed lights, upgraded crosswalks, installed speed tables and lowered the speed limit.

This month the city also converted two side streets from two-way to one-way to mitigate collision opportunities along West University.

The redacted accident report GPD provided in response to inquiries about a July 22 accident at 13th and West University.

Mainstreet Daily News Correspondent

Camille Broadway is freelance writer and editor. She has more than 25 years of experience in journalism and journalism education. Bad speller. Baseball fan. OG sci-fi nerd. She's always looking for good story ideas.

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Stay Woke

I wonder if that semi truck was one of the Fortune 500 companies like UPS who pays law enforcement, under the table, to cover up accidents like this, to protect their image. I’m sure they will pay the wheelchair victim millions of dollars, outside of court, just to prevent the case from going public.


GPS "closed mouth" because the facts somehow don't support "The Narrative."

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