Indie pop band releases music video set in GNV 

Music video crew prepares for another scene on June 10.
The music video crew prepares for another scene on June 10 in front of the Hippodrome Theater.
Photo by Seth Johnson

With a bride dressed in white and the P.K. Yonge marching band in formation, SE First Street in Gainesville took on a whole new look for a brief stint in June 2022.  

Jukebox the Ghost shot two music videos for their new album Cheers, and the finished product for the song “Brass Band” hit the YouTube shelves yesterday. Gainesville residents will, primarily, spot the Hippodrome Theatre in the background along with other shots of downtown.  

Photo by Seth Johnson Jukebox the Ghost member Ben Thornewill practices for a shoot on the Hippodrome Theatre steps.

The music video for the other song “Cheers!” was released in October 2022. 

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On Facebook, Ben Thornewill, who did vocals and piano, said the pitch for the music video represented the most insane, elaborate and ridiculous idea the band would have considered, including a torched car. 

“Through sheer grit, countless hours and the work of so so many incredible people we pulled this music video off in a whirlwind three days taking over Gainesville Florida,” Thornewill said on Facebook. “When I say we took over downtown gainesville I mean we REALLY TOOK IT OVER. We had Main Street (that’s literally the Main Street) shut town for two days for us.  Madness! Incredible!” 

UF alumni Filup Molina directed the video, and you can check out the downtown music video here. You can also read our past coverage of when the band first came to town.  

Jukebox the Ghost formed in 2006 and has played more than 1,000 shows. The band includes Thornewell, Tommy Siegel (guitar, vocals) and Jesse Kristin (drums, vocals). The trio headlined Lollapalooza as a minor band and appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. 

Photo by Seth Johnson Video director and UF grad Filup Molina works on a shoot in downtown Gainesville.

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