Election 2020: It’s now or never

Many people think this is the most important election of  their lifetime and you want to be part of this historic event. You must be registered by now to vote. If you are not sure if you are registered or have not voted in the last few years, check with the Elections office to be sure you are an active registered voter and the information in your file, especially your address, is correct. You can do this on-line, by phone or in person at the office. (See below for details) 

Vote by Mail: If you have received a vote by mail ballot it must be in the Elections office by 7:00 PM November 3rd. 

If you still have your mail in ballot you will want deliver it to a dropbox. Do Not put it in the mail now. After you mark your ballot be sure to seal it and then SIGN the back of the envelope.

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You do not have to include your email and phone number. This information is requested to make it easier to contact you in case of a problem with your ballot. Ballots that arrive after 7:00 PM on November 3 will not be counted.

There are dropboxes at all early voting sites (shown below) that are available during scheduled early voting. The drop boxes are outside under a white tent and some are available for curbside service. So, before you park, locate the drop box to see if you can just drive up to it. The drop boxes are staffed and depending on the physical set up someone may be able to take your ballot. If you hand it to staff to drop in the box for you  wait to watch them put it in the drop box before leaving.

The dropbox at the Elections office on Main Street is secured and available 24/7. If you are not able to get to a drop box on your own, a trusted friend or relative can deliver your ballot to a dropbox. 

You cannot drop off your ballot at your assigned precinct on election day. If you have waited until election day to vote, you can vote in person at you designated precinct or bring your ballot to the Elections office. 

Two business days after you drop off your ballot contact the Elections office to verify it has been received and accepted.  If there is a problem e.g. signature does not match the one on file, there will be a red note letting you know you need to contact them to fix it (they call this “curing). 

If you requested a vote-by-mail ballot you can change your mind and vote in person. You cannot vote twice so if you put your ballot in the mail or dropped it off you can no longer change your mind. 

Early Voting: The Elections office  has 6 early voting sites. They are listed below. Anyone may vote at any early voting site. They will be open from 9 am-6 pm every day from Monday October 19 to Saturday October 31. Be sure to bring identification with your picture and signature. You may use two sources to provide this information if you do not have one with both. You may want to bring your notes on how you plan to vote so you can mark your ballot quickly. You can get a copy of your ballot on the Elections web site. Since early voting will be an in-person event you will need  to wear a face covering and may want to bring your own blue or black pen. Although you may not need to wait, you should be prepared to do so. Things to consider – you may  want to wear gloves, bring sanitizer and water.  if you are bringing your children, you will want them to wear a face covering, have snacks, something to drink and something to keep them occupied. If you are in line by 6:00PM you will be allowed to vote/drop off your ballot. If you get there anytime after 6:00PM  you will not be able to vote on that day. 

Voting on Election Day – November 3: On election day you may only vote at your designated site, which is based on your address. Check the Elections web site to make sure you know where your voting site is located. Sites will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM for in-person voting. See above for reminders on in-person voting. If you wait until election day be sure to arrive at your site no later than 7:00 PM. If you get there at 7:05 PM you will not be allowed to vote. 

Early Voting Sites- Open October 19th-31st from 9AM-6PM 

  • Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office/515 North Main Street, Suite 100, Gainesville  
  • Tower Road Branch Library/3020 SW 75th St., Gainesville 
  •   Millhopper Branch Library/3145 NW 43rd St., Gainesville  
  • Legacy Park Multipurpose Center/15400 Peggy Road, Alachua
  • Orange Heights Baptist Church/16700 NE SR 26, Hawthorne
  • J. Wayne Reitz Union/655 Reitz Union Drive, Ground Floor of the Career Connections Center, University of Florida Campus, Gainesville 

For More information 

Supervisor of Elections

Website – votealachua.com

Address – 515 N Main Street, Suite 300, Gainesville Florida 32601

Phone Number – 352-374-5252

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