In High Springs, neighbors help neighbors

high springs donations
high springs donations

“In Small Town USA, neighbors help neighbors.” It’s a phrase that first gained traction when a random act of kindness by two of your High Springs Firefighters went viral last year. Paramedic Doug Hope and Firefighter Brian Langston purchased a new microwave for a housebound resident. Fast forward 15 months, and a worldwide pandemic is now gripping our community. Millions are out of work, uncertainty about our economy looms. What do we do? How do we react? 

Enter that “CAN DO” American spirit. The aforementioned phrase of “…neighbors helping neighbors” couldn’t be any truer than it is now. Your neighbors and staff from The City of High Springs and Alachua County, volunteers and members of Witnesses of Christ Ministry, First Christian Academy and Winn- Dixie have all stepped up to ensure our neighbors don’t miss a meal. 

The combined efforts of all of these organizations have translated to literally thousands upon thousands of pounds of food being given away on a near daily basis since the COVID pandemic began. Sammy and his team from Witnesses of Christ Ministry are set up at the old bank drive-thru two, three, even four days a week handing out food. City staff assembles every Tuesday to pick up food from Alachua County fairgrounds, packages, then delivers to residents all over the city, Anna at First Christian Academy has her food giveaway at FCA campus and has folks driving in every Wednesday. 

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JFK once said; “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. In High Springs, we have taken that 60 year old quote to heart. This is what life in Small Town, USA is all about. We help each other. We always have and we always will. 

Follow Witnesses of Christ Ministry and High Springs Fire Department on Facebook for updated information on food giveaways. To request a food delivery, city residents may use the assistance request form at 

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