Terrell Bradley, friend paint 34th Street wall—again

Terrell Bradley and Danielle Chanzes painting a mural
Danielle Chanzes and Terrell Bradley painted a mural along SW 34th Street on Friday morning with a message calling for #JusticeforTerrellBradley. (Photo by Megan Winslow)
Photo by Megan Winslow
Danielle Chanzes shows picture of previous message
Photo by Megan Winslow Danielle Chanzes shows a picture of what was recently painted over the previous Terrell Bradley mural.

It takes Terrell Bradley’s supporters between four and five hours each time they paint the mural. Yet they don’t plan to let up.

Bradley and Danielle Chanzes set to work a third time at the SW 34th Street wall at 6:30 a.m. on Friday. Overnight, someone partially obscured their past handiwork by scrawling hate messages and symbols in spray paint atop it.

“You can cover up our messages but you can’t stop our movement. It’s #justice for Terrell Bradley. Every. Damn. Day,” read the words Bradley and Chanzes painted in red and white paint Friday morning.

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A Gainesville Police Department (GPD) K-9 seriously injured Bradley, 30, in the aftermath of a July 10 traffic stop. Surgeons ultimately removed Bradley’s damaged right eye, and he now wears an eyepatch.

According to police reports, Bradley, a convicted felon residing in Gainesville, failed to stop his vehicle at a stop sign at Sweetwater Square Apartments on NE 15th Street. An officer pursued him, and Bradley’s vehicle eventually came to a stop at Eden Park at Ironwood, an apartment complex located on NE 39th Avenue.

After the officer noticed contraband within Bradley’s vehicle and instructed him to exit, Bradley struggled with him and then took off on foot, GPD said. Police back-up arrived, and a leashed K-9 bit Bradley upon locating him hiding behind bushes at Eden Park. Officers searched Bradley’s vehicle and uncovered a stolen firearm.

Terrell Bradley and Danielle Chanzes painting a mural along 34th Street
Photo by Megan Winslow Danielle Chanzes and Terrell Bradley repainted a mural along SW 34th Street on Friday morning with a message calling for #JusticeforTerrellBradley.

“You can disagree with what he did,” Chanzes said Friday. “But people are really showing their true colors when they come out here and paint swastikas on our wall and say, ‘God bless Derek Chauvin,’ a man who’s literally been convicted of murder for the amount of excessive force he used on George Floyd. So, we know where people stand, but we’re not intimidated by it, and we’re not going to slow down because of it.”

Police Chief Lonnie Scott has announced the initiation of an official department review of the incident and the temporary removal of the K-9 involved, but he has yet to publicly announce any action taken against the officers who pursued Bradley.

Bradley’s family members and friends collectively came up with the idea to paint the 34th Street mural, Chanzes said. Eight people worked on the original version, which they completed Sunday. An unknown person or group of people subsequently painted over it in black. Bradley’s group worked between 6 and 10 p.m. Thursday to finish a second version.

By 2 a.m. Friday, however, a friend driving by the site noticed vandals had added the blessing for Chauvin, a backward swastika labeled “sauwastika” and, oddly, the word “Peace” all in light blue. In Buddhism, a left-facing swastika, or sauwastika, refers to the sun.

Bradley reflected on the hostility during a break from painting Friday.

“Everybody, we just want to be treated equal,” he said. “We just want the cops and stuff to be accountable for what they did. That’s all. We want justice from both sides of the playing field. That’s all.”

Danielle Chanzes and Terrell Bradley painting mural along SW 34th Street
Photo by Megan Winslow Danielle Chanzes and Terrell Bradley worked on a new mural along SW 34th Street on Friday morning after a previous mural had been painted over with other comments.

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Mr. Bradley wants to be treated equal? Equal to what? Were the victims of the felony level crime(s) he committed previously treated “equal” by him? Most certainly not! If I have nothing to hide, I don’t run from the police! I stop and cooperate. It is tragic that he was injured but it would probably never have happened had he not chose to run. Also, even before being stopped, he chose to drive 6 miles (Sweetwater Square Apartments to Eden Park) from the site of the attempted traffic stop before stopping his car. If he feared not being treated equally at that time, he could have driven to the ACSO.

Faith Reidenbach

Excellent choice of coverage. Cover ALL the local news.


I believe that Mr. Bradley is not seeking ‘justice’, but a big pay day, courtesy of Gainesville taxpayers.

How can you hold the police responsible for doing their job?

Mr. Bradley, a convicted felon, fled the scene, had contraband, a stolen gun, and when he finally exited his car, struggled with police, he attempted to escape once again.

I sincerely regret that Mr. Bradley lost an eye in this affair, but he did so due to his own poor choice of actions.

I dislike the fact that people are putting racist remarks on his sign. That’s unacceptable. But to me, the sign is no more than an unwarranted publicity attempt.

There was no injustice, simply an act of foolishness that could have been completely avoided, had Mr. Bradley chosen to comply with the police.