Our Hope Is In The Lord


One of the important things that we are all learning in this most unusual season of our lives, something that will be a takeaway from this whole pandemic experience, is this…for all of our medical knowledge, advanced technologies, and great scientific achievements, we cannot control everything in our environment. We cannot “up and will this wicked virus away”. We can’t stop this, or other troubles when they make a sudden appearance in our lives. At times, life comes at us with a surprising level of ferocity.

These are certainly those kind of days. 

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During such volatile times, it is natural for an array of emotions to hit us square in the face.  We can experience everything from depression to disappointment, disillusionment to hopelessness. That is, if our eyes are on the natural.  

That is why we must remember that our faith is not to be based on what we see.  Our faith is based in the One who is Lord of all, and by whose strong arm all things are held in place.  All things. Everywhere. All the time. He is sovereign, and that title encompasses more than we often remember.  Truth is…He is greater than the Coronavirus. And He is going to see us through.

It is in such a time as this, a time of great trial and trouble, that many find their way to the real and only source of hope that exists.  That source is not the stock market, our leaders or governmental authorities, the medical professionals, or in our own retirement or checking accounts.  Our source is the Lord.  

At times, He leads us to places that are the polar opposite of green pastures and still waters.  When that is true for us, we must remember that even in such a place, we are not alone. We have His ever-present help to comfort us, to lead and guide us on.

If you hear the news on the radio, see a report on TV, or read the latest post online, be sure that you follow that up with the remembrance that nothing – absolutely nothing – is out of our Lord’s care.  If His eye is on the sparrow, and it is, you know that He is watching over you.

About the Author

Mike Gilland is Operations Manager for The Shepherd Radio Network, a group of radio stations in Florida that features the “Christian Teach/Talk” format. Mike hosts a daily talk radio show in the 2 PM hour called “Afternoons with Mike”, talking to local pastors and newsmakers.  In Gainesville, Mike is heard on WTMN – 96.3 FM / 1430 AM. In Ocala, on WRZN – 103.5 FM / 720 AM. In addition to his broadcast experience, Mike spent 36 years in full-time ministry as a pastor and worship leader.  As a guitarist, Mike performs at concerts, restaurants, private parties, etc. He is married to Cindy, the father of four grown children and grandfather to seven grandchildren.

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