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Faith + Inspiration

We all love sunny days

Apr 26, 2020
 I always feel sorry when I hear stories about those up north who planned their hard-earned vacations in “The Sunshine State,” only to get here and […]
Faith + Inspiration

Where God Is, there is singing

Apr 19, 2020
 I can’t imagine a world without singing.  Let’s face it, both vocal and instrumental music are part of our daily lives, no matter where we live, […]
Faith + Inspiration

Our Hope Is In The Lord

Apr 5, 2020
  One of the important things that we are all learning in this most unusual season of our lives, something that will be a takeaway from […]
Faith + Inspiration

Time to step up to the plate

Mar 28, 2020
I remember it well…my first year as a Little League baseball player. Up to that point in my life, I don’t think there was ANYTHING that […]
Faith + Inspiration

In a world of trouble…goodness shines through

Mar 21, 2020
It has been 12 years since Donald LaFontaine passed away.  You may not recognize his name, but you would most assuredly know his voice.  His was […]
Faith + Inspiration

When our plans go awry…

Mar 14, 2020
To say the least, this has been an unusual week, containing news that changed the daily routines for every one of us – and not just […]
Faith + Inspiration

Teach me to number my days

Mar 7, 2020
It was true for me over 20 years ago when I wrote the lyrics to a song in anticipation of an upcoming youth retreat. Now, it […]