Interactive indoor playground opens near downtown

The Learn N Play outdoor playground features Jenga, corn hole, Connect Four and includes two interactive playhouses with slides.
Courtesy of Learn N Play

Learn N Play is a new immersive, interactive, sensory indoor playground that opened in late January near downtown Gainesville.

The family-friendly playground holds more than 2,200 square feet of indoor play space that is divided into four spacious, air-conditioned activity rooms and more than 3,500 feet of outdoor play space.

The playground is owned and operated by Gainesville resident Alyson Rodriguez at 4127 NW 34TH Street.

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The design of the interactive space caters to children from 6 months to 12 years of age. Rodriguez’s aim is to promote learning through play, regardless of learning style—whether it’s visual, musical/auditory, verbal, physical, logical, social or solitary.

“I came up with the concept because of being a mom to a twin boy and girl,” Rodriguez said. “[I’m] always looking for something that is going to keep them both entertained and interested because they are so very different in what they like. When we are traveling, I take them to indoor museums, hands-on type spaces, and so [the idea] kind of sparked from that.”

Rodriguez said her interest for an interactive museum-like space also stemmed from knowing other parents who want a place for kids of all ages to fit in.

Courtesy of Learn N Play earn N Play offers several kid-friendly activities in their exercise room from swings to a climbing wall, a foam pit and a play area dedicated to children under two years of age.

“I know parents who have an older and a younger kid,” Rodriguez said. “They would definitely need to be able to find a space that is not only good for their 2-year-old toddler, but one that their 6- or 7-year-old would also love to play in.”

Rodriguez said her philosophy behind the playground was to create an indoor space that would meet the needs of many different types of kids, especially those with disabilities such as autism. Children can touch everything at the playground without the worry of anything breaking.

“I love the functional but beautiful idea [that our playground has],” Rodriguez said. “When you go in [activity rooms], you’ll see this great wall of supplies in all these clear bins, covered with canisters that parents have to open, so it’s safe for young kids and they can’t get to anything because they are plastic.”

Residents who are interested in attending the interactive playground with their kids can sign up online or in person for daily or weekly open play passes. Learn N Play also offers a monthly membership with both basic and premium membership options.

“For the basic membership, if you are going to come more than twice month, you are saving money,” Rodriguez said. “For the premium membership, if you are going to come three times a month, you are saving money.”

Rodriguez said the membership options include various perks, such as access to a family-friendly event or discounts on parties and snacks.

“When interactive classes are offered in the summer, members can get discounts on those as well,” Rodriguez said. “[The classes] will be more of a guided activity that will include materials, different themes for each day of the week, and mindful techniques [to help motivate the kids].”

In the near future, Rodriguez said she hopes to expand the playground to a simpler version for customers to rent for events and possibly franchising.

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Robert Morse

How is a venue north of 39th Ave considered "close to downtown Gainesville"?