Mega Gaming & Comics unveils expansive location

Mega Gaming & Comics just switched locations last week, though it didn’t move far. Just look for the large Batman symbol off of SW Second Avenue at the Parkwood Professional Plaza.

Manager Daniel Culbreth said the store outgrew its previous location.

“We just have a lot of stuff and we needed to display it,” Culbreth said. “We were running out of space at the other store, as pretty much any customer could tell you.”

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The new, 9,500 sq. ft. building provides around four times as much elbow room for the store to display its merchandise, including Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon and lots of board games and comics.

“We probably have the largest selection of Sealed Magic and Magic singles within Florida at least,” Culbreth said. “People come from all over the place to check out our Magic.”

Mega Gaming & Comics began the transition three and a half years ago, working with the city for permissions and renovating the space.

Daniel Culbreth

Culbreth said the COVID-19 pandemic had little impact on the transition except for the two months off near the start. And the store bought all the supplies needed before the cost of lumber and other construction materials rose.

The new space includes a private courtyard behind the building, and soon a restaurant will move to the location as well.

Culbreth said California Chicken Grill will hopefully open within four to five months, and he plans to rent an additional space attached to the front of the building to another tenant.

The store hosts events throughout the week, from Friday night Magic to Dungeons and Dragons groups and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments.

“We’re just trying to make a really fun environment for people,” Culbreth said. “The space before was really small and cramped, so now we have a big open space.”

The store will continue stocking shelves and displaying merchandise for the foreseeable future, filling in empty spots until everything is situated.

But the new location is open with lots of room to roam for comic and game lovers.

“We’re a pretty unique place,” Culbreth said. “There’s a lot for any kind of nerd that’s out there that wants to have a good time.”

Comic books at Mega Gaming & Comics

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