RedCoach announces red-eye routes  

RedCoach bus
RedCoach added Gainesville back to its Miami route. (Courtesy RedCoach)
Courtesy RedCoach
Courtesy RedCoach A passenger asleep on a RedCoach bus.

RedCoach announced they would offer new red-eye routes to select Florida markets with a stop in Gainesville.

Starting on Monday, the red eye service is now available from Miami International Airport to Gainesville, according to a RedCoach press release. 

With airline schedules constantly changing and canceling, the red-eye route provides travelers with an alternative, convenient option. 

“The main reason for bringing the red eye back is that it helped students to stay the whole day in Miami or South Florida and enjoy the entire weekend,” said Florencia Cirigliano, RedCoach Vice President of Marketing and Sales, in a phone interview. “They get on the bus at midnight. It’s a 7-hour ride because we have a short stop in Orlando, then it continues, so you leave at midnight and arrive in Gainesville at 7 a.m.” 

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There are three categories of buses: First class (27 seats), Business class (38 seats), and economy class (56). Each seat can recline and has free Wi-Fi, a footrest, and power outlets. 

Red Eye service schedule from Miami International Airport to Gainesville:

  • Departure: Miami International Airport at 11:59 p.m.   
  • Arrival: Gainesville at 7:05 a.m. — 1956 Gale Lemerand Drive.
  • Tickets start at $74.99 (first class)  
  • Service runs: Daily  

Return service from Gainesville to Miami International Airport:  

  • Departure: Gainesville at 3:35 p.m. — 1956 Gale Lemerand Drive.  
  • Arrival: Miami International Airport at 10:15 p.m.  
  • Tickets start at $74.99 (first class)  
  • Service Runs: Daily  

RedCoach is a luxury bus company based in Orlando that started 12 years ago in Argentina. 

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