Eastside students excel in IB exams

Eastside High School sign saying Eastside is the Best Side
Eastside High School sign saying Eastside is the Best Side. (File photo by Seth Johnson)
Seth Johnson

Eastside High School (EHS) seniors in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program who received their IB diplomas finished well above the global pass rate. 

According to an Alachua County Public Schools press release, the global pass rate is 85.6%. In 2021, 92% of Eastside students earned their IB diploma; and in 2022, it was 91%.  

The IB Program’s goal, as written on its website, is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The curriculum is unique because it emphasizes intercultural and interdisciplinary connections.  

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The juniors and seniors in the program spend their days studying five to six subjects, writing comprehensive research essays, executing critical thinking tactics, and completing CAS activities.  

In the past year, 177 EHS juniors and seniors tackled 683 IB exams.  

To achieve an IB Diploma, a student must score at least 24 points. EHS students averaged 33 points, and the highest score earned by a candidate was 43. 

Five EHS IB diploma recipients achieved 40 points or more.   The 2022 recipients of the IB diploma include (Students who earned 40 or more diploma points are marked with an asterisk): 

Agarwal, Amrutha 

Batist, Rani 

Bishop-Gylys, Matthew 

Brauner, Noga 

Bridgemohan, Sharon 

Britch, Dylan 

Bullard, Samuel 

Buss, Heather 

Choi, Hyungjun 

Ciego, Steve 

Cohen, Sawyer 

Colon, Avery 

Cooke, Leila 

Dagins, Clarence 

Dold, Ava 

El Ghissassi, Ritaj 

Ferrell, Abigail 

Fromholt, Rhiannon 

Gonzalez, Eluney* 

Gu, Melody 

Guduru, Sai Pranav 

Hashmi, Maha 

Hassan, Faris 

Hincapie-Leon, Nicolas 

Ingmarsson, Felix 

Janelle, Michael 

Jha, Anish 

Jiang, Richard* 

Karalkar, Vedant 

Langley, Maribella 

Li, Patricia 

Manning, Mairen 

Martin, Patrick 

Martin-Burrows, Alfonso 

Mathews, Bryn 

McGlothlin, Noah 

Morris, Ronan* 

Omalay, Leann 

Overdevest, Charles 

Padron, Andres 

Park, Daniel 

Parks, Rachel* 

Patel, Bhagya 

Patel, Esha 

Patel, Harin 

Patel, Heet 

Patel, Ishan 

Pathak, Atharva* 

Paul, Ahmik 

Ponciano Diaz, Lia 

Pothu, Shashank 

Rosales, Valerio Jesus 

Russo, Anne 

Shin, Annemarie 

Sidhu, Sukhman 

Someya, Kazushi 

Sowers, Ripley 

Suzuki, Nio 

Tan, Tristin 

Thomas, Adam 

Tolentino, Jemima 

Valiente Lauzan, Isabella 

Venkatesh, Shrinidhi 

Walters, Haiji 

Wang, William 

Wegner, Nadia 

Wegner, Owen 

Zhai, Kathy 

Zhang, Daniel 

Zhao, Daniel 

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