Gilland: Finding peace in waking moments

Bible and coffee

There is something very special about those moments early in the morning, when the dawning sunlight breaks through our windows. I can usually be found at my favorite end of the couch with a cup of coffee nearby, spending that time reading from the Bible and contemplating the day ahead.

I heard a quote years ago that speaks to the benefit of casting our first glances in the morning to God, before we ever glance to anything or anyone else. I would like to say that I always do that, but I can say that it is better when I do. And for good reason.

Jesus set the pace for all of us in seeking the face of the Father. He would often rise earlier than his disciples and go to a solitary place in order to commune with and pray to His Father. 

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The thought of this truth has often propelled me: “If it was important for Jesus to regularly pray to the Father, how much more important is it for me to do likewise?”

The Son of God did not coast in His devotional life. After all, I learned a long time ago that one only coasts when going downhill.

Here are a couple of personal but powerful reasons why I like to pray in the morning. First, my mind is clear. I haven’t had the distractions that face us all as the day goes on, those urgent things that can crowd out the really important ones.

Secondly, my “ears” are more clear, too. I have found that I am much more able to discern truth from the Lord, in that way that God speaks to us in our hearts. One of the benefits we have as believers is the presence of the Holy Spirit, who not only guides us to see truth in the Scriptures—he convicts us and leads us into truth as we “live, move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28). 

Finally, seeking the Lord in the early morning hours sets the tone for the rest of the day. I have a greater sense of balance in decisions, and a sharper focus in my conversations when I have spent time with the Lord in the morning.

Years ago, I wrote a song that speaks to this practice. The verse started off, “I will praise you, Lord, in the rising of the sun. Early in the morning will I seek the Holy One…”

I don’t always seek Him perfectly. But He’s always the perfect One to seek.

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