Former Gainesville mayor dies

Former Gainesville Mayor Stuart “Craig” Lowe died on Saturday.

According to a city of Gainesville release, Lowe, 65, served as the District 4 commissioner from 2003-10 and then made history as the city’s first openly gay mayor, serving until 2013.

During Lowe’s time in office, the following items were accomplished:

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  • Opening of Senior Recreation Center at Northside Park
  • Opening of Fire Station 8
  • Installation of competition-level track at Fred Cone Park
  • Opening of Innovation Square
  • Approval of Sweetwater Wetlands Park project
  • Removal of a cap that limited feeding homeless neighbors more than 13 meals per day.

Lowe also helped unite the community against a group of extremists who threatened to burn the Quran, the Islamic holy book. The story made international headlines.

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