Judge releases order allowing Alachua County to mandate face masks

The Alachua County Communications Office released the full text of the order (Justin Green vs. Alachua County) from Judge Donna M. Keim of the 8th Circuit Court denying the emergency motion for temporary injunction of Alachua County from enforcing the mask requirement of Amended Emergency Order 2020-21.
In part, it states:
 “The temporary mandate to wear masks in limited circumstances is similar to the requirement to wear helmets or seat belts. The stated purpose for the mask requirement is to limit the spread of this contagious, airborne virus and the BOCC has provided evidence which includes substantial data indicating that face coverings may assist in reducing the spread of the virus. Alachua County is responsible for reducing the spread of COVID-19 among its citizens and also for ensuring its citizens have access to medical care if they become infected. An individual Alachua County citizen’s right to be let alone is no more precious than the corresponding right of his fellow citizens not to become infected by that person and potentially hospitalized. The evidence reflects that the BOCC has weighed public health data from the World Health Organization, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Florida State Department of Health, the University of Florida, and other public health recommendations in enacting the requirement of wearing facial coverings in certain public locations. It is not the role of the Court to second guess the prudence of BOCC’s decision given the conflicting evidence as to the extent of the efficacy of facial coverings.”
To read the full order go here.

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