Ward returns from D.C., praises opportunities 

Harvey Ward was elected Gainesville's next mayor on Tuesday.
Mayor-elect Harvey Ward traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of the Biden administration. (Photo by Taryn Ashby)
Photo by Taryn Ashby

Mayor-elect Harvey Ward returned from a White House trip and praised the opportunities created by the Biden administration.  

“This administration has created and is creating opportunities for our neighbors in Gainesville the likes of which have not been seen in my lifetime,” Ward said in a Facebook post.  

Ward joined a contingent of newly elected mayors who met and questioned the Secretaries of Labor, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development along with members of their staff.  

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In the post, Ward said contacts he made will help Gainesville in the years to come.  

“It was, as you might expect, a profound experience personally, but more importantly, I believe the contacts I was able to make and the relationships I hope to build will be good for our city and our neighbors,” Ward said.  

Ward added that the mayoral post tends to isolate, and he anticipates creating relationships through the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Democratic Mayors Association. He also said he will travel as mayor as the role demands.  

“Gainesville is a university community,” Ward said. “We expect our leaders to be well-informed and to have a good network of professional relationships.” 

Ward won a runoff election in November and will take office in January.

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It’s really nice that the federal government has provided such profound opportunities. Looking behind the curtain to see what has happened to enable them to provide those opportunities is even more eye-opening than just looking at the opportunities. Being dazzled by the bright lights and glitz is always fun, but usually comes at a price – a price often paid by others or to be collected after you buy in to the ‘opportunities’.

On a similar note, I just received an unexpected email from a huge online retailer I deal with that reminds me to be wary of scammers pretending to offer amazing deals. Apparently, there’s a lot of that going around these days. People claiming they have offers too good to pass up or others that have been using money they scammed from people to reach even more of their intended victims.


An ever-increasing debt is something to be really proud of. That expensive lobster dinner with world-class wine was great. Now, do I pay the Visa bill or the electric bill, I can’t afford both? Well, let my grandchildren pay for these great memories …