LifeSouth Community Blood Centers screening eligible donors for COVID-19 antibodies

covid 19 testing
covid 19 testing
Life South is offering free screening for all eligible donors for COVID-19 antibodies. The test is authorized by the FDA and detects if you have developed antibodies to COVID-19. The antibody test is not a diagnostic test and will not indicate if you currently have COVID-19.

If you feel you may have COVID-19, please do not donate at this time, and come back when you are symptom free.

For FAQ about antibody testing, click here.

There are no FDA approved treatments currently available for severe cases of COVID-19.

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Convalescent plasma has shown positive results in previous disease outbreaks, such as H1N1, influenza, and Ebola.

While investigational, convalescent plasma shows promise as an effective treatment in early available data.


The test requires a blood sample, which is taken during the blood donation process. Results will be available to those with a successful donation.

Results will be sent to you within ve days of your donation.

LifeSouth performs a test authorized by the FDA, which detects whether someone has developed antibodies to COVID-19. The antibody test is not a diagnostic test and will not indicate whether you currently have COVID-19.

Antibodies are proteins that are made in response to foreign substances, or antigens, in your body. Once formed, these antibodies can recognize the foreign substance and help the immune response that ghts o diseases.

A positive or reactive result means that antibodies to COVID-19 have been detected in your blood and you have likely been exposed to the virus. This result means that you could qualify to be a convalescent plasma donor under the current FDA guidelines.

A negative or non-reactive result means that you either don’t have antibodies to COVID-19, or their levels are too low to detect by this test. A negative result does not mean you do not currently have, or have not had, COVID-19. Many people who have had COVID-19 may not form long-lasting antibodies.

The antibody test is not designed to be a diagnostic test. You may wish to share this information with your physician if you have questions about the results and their signi cance to your personal health. These results are not intended to o er proof of immunity against COVID-19 infection.

Convalescent plasma is a term for plasma taken from a donor who has recovered from a disease. Plasma is the liquid portion of blood where antibodies reside. Some research suggests that transfusing plasma with preformed antibodies against COVID-19 may help speed recovery and prevent mortality in those critically ill with COVID-19.

For more details, go here.

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