UF Health expands use of eye protection against COVID-19 for its healthcare workers

face guard
face guard

A day after White House Health Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that the use of protective goggles can help curb the spread of COVID-19,UF Health is recommending that all healthcare workers wear them.
According to Public Relations Specialist for UF Health Ken Garcia, “In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are now recommending our health care workers use eye protection in addition to a face mask while in any clinical setting. This includes safety glasses or a face shield.”
The use of an N95 mask and eye protection was required only for those treating a known COVID-19 positive patient until today. The change in policy is part of “our ongoing effort to reduce the potential exposure to COVID-19, ” Garcia said.
Spokesperson for Alachua County Public Schools Jackie Johnson said that as of July 30th, the only required PPE for students returning to in-person school will be a face mask.
“We’ve actually already ordered thousands of face shields,” she said, “and continue to consult with the Health Department and our UF experts about issues like this.”

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