Hip Hop festival comes to GNV

The BIG SHO’, Gainesville’s first Hip Hop and RnB micro music festival, will feature 16 artists this Saturday.

The festival is scheduled from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Celebrations Warehouse (317 NE 35 Ave).

“The BIG SHO’ isn’t just about music,” said Dion Dia, one of the festival founders, in a press release, “It’s an experience—a mixture of music, art, and street culture, showcased through the framework of the circus. This is a milestone event, not just for us and our community, but for Gainesville and the city’s music scene.”

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All ages are welcome, but anyone under 16 must have a guardian present. General admission is $45 and VIP tickets are $75. Tickets can be purchased on the website.

The Big SHO’ music artist lineup:

  • Zack Fox
  • Kaelin Ellis
  • Nicole Miglis
  • Twelve’len
  • Animal Prince
  • Carson
  • Sunde’
  • Ladyboy
  • Israel Jones
  • .Zip
  • Gat$
  • RM 13
  • Raphdidit
  • Madwoman
  • Alyssa Thomas
  •  Localhotboy.

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