Breaking News: Discovery by UF doctor may have solved face mask shortage in hospitals

  Dr. Bruce Spiess, a UF Health anesthesiologist, has designed a mask using a material that is in abundant supply in hospitals across the United States and the world. It is generally called “surgical wrap,” and is made by Owens Minor. When two layers of the material are put together, the material rating becomes N99 which is higher protection that the N95 masks.

 Spiess worked with infection control staff to ensure that the design is as safe as possible, and is also easy to construct. 

Dr. Bruce Spiess

 Members of the Gainesville community are lined up to start sewing masks out of this material and supply them to local hospitals and first responders.

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 According to Spiess, the masks can be used many times because the material can go through the autoclave for sterilization.  

Face Mask

 Spiess said the idea came to him in the middle of the night when he woke up and realized that the material could be for more than keeping medical tools and equipment sterile. 

 “The amount of MacGyverism going on is phenominal,” Spiess said about inventions coming forward to help combat COVID-19.

For a link to the followup article about Dr. Spiess and his face mask, go here.

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