Breaking News: Florida crosses 4,000 new COVID-19 positive cases in a single day

The Florida Department of Health reported today 4,049 new cases of positive COVID-19 tests, raising the overall number to 93,797. It was the first time the number crossed the 4,000 mark, and the highest daily number on record.

40 new deaths related to COVID-19 were also reported by the DOH, raising the death toll in Florida to 3,104.

Saturday's numbers mark the highest amount of reported cases in a single day the state has seen, according to to the Florida Department of Health. The previous record was 3,822, which was set yesterday. 

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The rate of positive testing also increased from 10.98% on Friday's report to 12.4% today, which is also the highest percentage. Two weeks ago, that percentage was 2.6%.

It was also reported that 165 Florida residents were hospitalized for a total now of 12,939. 

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