CBS4 to stop local news broadcasts May 15 

The WGFL CBS4 news building in Gainesville.
Photo by C.J. Gish

Gainesville’s WGFL CBS4 station will close local news operations on May 15 after its parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, announced nationwide cuts.  

Instead of broadcasts on local news, the station will air Sinclair’s show “The National Desk,” providing national and regional news. Four other stations in Ohio, Iowa, Oregon and Nebraska will also stop local news broadcasts, according to TV News Check.

Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley said the company aims for efficiency as it heads into an expected weaker economy for 2023. First quarter reports show a loss of revenue compared to last year for the company.  

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“Nonetheless, we remain cautious for the full year on expectations for a weaker economy,” Ripley said. “As we continue our evolution from a traditional broadcast company to a diversified content and data distributor, we have begun the process of reorganizing our company structure to increase transactional flexibility and transparency around the sum-of-the-parts and to unlock value for our organization.” 

According to TV News Check, other stations have also experienced cuts but not to the entire local news broadcasts.  

The CBS4 website lists 11 members of the local staff.  

According to staffers’ social media accounts, some listed on the site have already moved on to other jobs, including news director Adam Adelson. His Twitter account says he is now an investigative producer for an NBC affiliate in Denver.  

The CBS4 Twitter and Facebook pages have not announced the news.  

Photo by C.J. Gish CBS4 news vehicle.

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Sinclair Broadcasting, a far right MAGA company doing a Trump thing, pulling the people over the coals so big business can make more money at the expense of the public.


Lol is NOT far right! I’m a TV anchor, so I KNOW! I WISH we were far right because those of you that fall for the BIDEN BULLSHIT need help.

Kim Popejoy

Sinclair has been focused on substituting central command conservatve viewpoint for local news particularly in the small markets they have been buying into. I hope that the local viewers of this station will turn it off and no local businesses will advertise on Sinclair platforms.


NOT TRUE! But question…why are only LIBERALS allowed to be alive? Seriously! You guys are so obnoxious that you think only YOU are allowed to be alive. Lol Meanwhile, the rest of us pay your way.