GNV’s Chestnut appointed to national committee 

Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut gives her remarks at Cynthia Chestnut's swearing-in ceremony at Gainesville City Hall on Thursday.
Gainesville City Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut was recently appointed to the National League of Cities.
Photo by Seth Johnson

Gainesville Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut will serve for a year on a National League of Cities (NLC) committee, providing direction for the organization's federal advocacy on topics like housing, land use, economic opportunity and entrepreneurship.  

NLC President Victoria Woodards, mayor of Tacoma, Washington, announced earlier in August that Chestnut will be on the 2023 Community and Economic Development committee.  

In a press release, Chestnut said she is excited to learn from colleagues and bring knowledge back to use on Gainesville projects, like the 8th and Waldo revamp.  

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"First of all, I am honored to have been asked to serve,” Chestnut said. “I look forward to networking with fellow commissioners from all across the country to learn innovative ideas to address housing, community and economic development, land use, recreation and parks, historic preservation and international competitiveness." 

The committee will also include the mayors of St. Louis, Missouri; Riverside, California; and Beaverton, Oregon.  

“NLC’s federal advocacy committees are a key tool for gathering insights directly from the communities that our members serve,” Woodards said in a press release. 

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What a joke!


She can't manage Gainesville so how can she help this group?

Cynthia Binder

Door of opportunities . Networking with others encourages you, me, and us of Alachua County. Will be a great asset and help ideas develop. Not idilling. Grow nurture achieve the better life environment and health....
NLC teaming up can make a difference. Congratulations 👏 👏🏾🛎

Cynthia Binder

forgot business too work smarter not harder. Development, hobbies talents skills n see wee can to at Gainesville Florida


Dear Author ,Did the City Taxpayers get fleeced again and actually have to pay $10,000 to this useless entity for Commissioner Mc Goo be allowed to join? Is it a Green committee with Team Viewer remote meeting that do not require a carbon footprint with air travel, food consumption . junkets to Las Vegas, Hotel and per diem expenses. Or is it really $50,000 in uneeded cost. Money the City does not have. Please let us know the rest of the real story. If I was on the New Utility Boards and observing the way the Mayor and his City Commission has acted and still spending and raising taxes and a last minute GRU rate hike and the sleezy Solar deal , I would determine the City of Gainesville's new transfer would be ZERO forever.. The State needs to know.