GFR responds to residential house fire in Gainesville

GFR fire crews and investigators responded to a resodential house fire on NW 33rd Ave. in Gainesville at approximately 6:42pm. this evening. The crew of Engine 5 announced heavy smoke and fire over the radio on arrival.

GFR Incident Commander Jeffery Schumacher, said he could “hear the emotion in the lieutenant’s voice”. The home is familiar to fire crews and they knew there was a special needs child that lived at the location.


GFR crews arrived on scene within five minutes of being dispatched and went to work searching the house, and extinguishing the fire. Law enforcement officers from the Gainesville Police Department were able to locate the child’s mother outside who advised the child wasn’t home.

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Chief Schumacher said crews had the fire extinguished and had confirmed that no one was inside within 18 minutes of dispatch. Crews were hampered by the fire having moved into the attic of the home. Gainesville’s Assistant Fire Chief, Shawn Hillhouse, praised the crews for the fast response and the quick stop on the fire. The child is believed to be staying with family.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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