Levy County Sheriff’s Office: Woman going door-to-door asking for money for prescription medication may be misleading residents

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement about a suspected door-to-door scam:
This photo of a woman and her car was taken by a citizen in the Raleigh area of Levy County on May 27th. This person has not committed a crime but the complainant in this case wanted us to notify the public that this woman is going door to door asking for money to pay for her prescription medication. 

levy scam alert

Some have donated, others have not. Deputies who responded to this call believe her ploy is a scam, and citizens should be wary of offering money to this person.
This same person has been doing the same activity throughout Alachua County and recently went door to door in Newberry.”
Photo courtesy of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office.

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