Woman dies in Ginnie Springs accident

Ginnie Springs sign
Ginnie Springs sign
File photo by Suzette Cook

Memorial Day weekend got off to a tragic start after a woman died in an accident at Ginnie Springs Friday evening.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) report, the incident occurred at 6:30 p.m. A 45-year-old woman from Holiday, Florida, was standing in the bed of a moving Jeep when she lost her balance and fell out. The Jeep was towing a trailer that ran over the woman.

The woman was transported to UF Health Shands, where she was pronounced deceased.

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The 53-year-old driver of the Jeep, a man from Dunedin, was uninjured.

FHP did not indicate any legal action against anyone involved in the incident.

Ginnie Springs, a privately owned camping and recreation area in Gilchrist County, has a reputation for raucous parties and accidents. Last year a 1-year-old boy was struck and killed by a vehicle at Ginnie Springs. A Facebook group called Citizens for Holding Ginnie Springs Accountable, created in 2020, has more than 1,000 members.

Ginnie Springs
File photo by Suzette Cook Swimmers in the water at Ginnie Springs.

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Deborah Benjamin

It’s no place for children for sure and Adults can make there own decisions .What ever happens falls back on you

Heavily Intoxicated

Or out of a jeep, apparently

Your a tough guy

Some comments are better left un-said. This woman has a family And friends that love her very much. And this is a tough time for them. Would you wish for someone to say that about your family?


Yeah that’s my beloved family member. You’re sick.

Janet Tibbetts

sooo sorry for your loss ! Very sad .. prayers 🙏

Ruth Ann Vester

Your comment is disgusting and unkind. She was a member of our JEEP Club and a young, vibrant, beautiful young lady. Shame on you.

Melissa Sullivan

Most of the time it’s fine for kids. On holiday or summer weekends it is more of a party.

Daniel, local resident

It is not appropriate for children.
It is our responsibility as adults to protect the innocence of children.
Subjecting children to nasty lyrics, drug use, fighting, littering and destroying the environment is not what children should perceive as acceptable behavior.


Too much alcohol and not enough common sense out there.

Nikki Trowell

I’ve visited and camped out at Ginnie more times than I can count! I was a little kid when I was there during more than half of my stay at ginnie and nothing bad ever happened to me, my twin brother, my cousins, or friends! Our parents/adult we were there with RESPONSIBLE people who kept an eye on us! We were young maybe 6 or 7 back then. We had so much fun and I loved it! Ginnie is definitely a place where kids should aloud to go. But not if they aren’t going to looked after by RESPONSIBLE adults.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nikki Trowell

Things change

Tom Kalinoski

Me too!


I went there one time and one time only and it’s not a place for children that’s for sure it’s party time 24/7 the spring never closes and there is ppl alway in the water drinking.

Tom Kalinoski

Book me! “Teachers- Leave those kids ALONE”! STRONG PEOPLE – GREAT AMERICANS! As for casual visitors – watch,learn and be careful! It’s pretty hard to hurt most locals feelings. Check stats: More kids die DAILY from SID then have died in(or at) Ginne Springs in at least 50 years! I know first hand- swam Ginne every day- ALL summer long! Just Saying – calm down!


Not the springs fault!

Scott Brennan

I was born and raised there I’ve been in trouble with the law there, I even was injured so bad I had to be hauled off in an ambulance from there, Because I was on the roof of a pickup truck on top of river floats and I flew off and almost broke my neck. Messed up wrist broken collarbone and a huge hit to my pride there is no reason to hold blame to the park or anyone from Ginnie springs.. Love that place will always go back and at the end of the day “we are responsible for our own injuries and common sense!!!!” God bless that park and the owners for allowing us to have so much fun all these years!!!


What was the name of the driver of the truck from Dunedin?


It certainly is no place for children with all the drunks out there on weekends

Daniel, local resident

This spring is not appropriate for children. I am a local and usually kayak on the weekdays. Some of the lyrics that is played very loud is offensive and is not appropriate for children. Every year, I hear of an overdose or drowning or fight. The type of people that go there are there to party like there is no tomorrow. They throw their trash in the river and destroy the environment. I think it is a shame how irresponsible most of these people can be. This is an honest assessment of the activity that goes on in this private park.

T. Holland

Close this place down. They have ruined such a beautiful place. They need to be shut down immediately. Where is the protection for these springs

Action Jackson

Watch what you say about her and how you say it. She’s not here to defend herself

Julie Burks Lohoefener

I’m so sad to hear about this tragedy. She was such a wonderful person professionally and as a friend as well. She helped us on a weekly basis with our business and we became friends. She was a beautiful person and we will miss her so much. I’m so deeply sorry for her family’s loss. She will be greatly missed. 🌹


As adults we make choices and the consequences are ours. The establishment shouldn’t be liable for the actions of grown adults. She was a cool lady and a fellow jeeper,show a little respect heavily intoxicated, one day it might be you on the other side of the coin.