School Board meeting still on schedule for tomorrow

With additional precautions in place to promote the health of the public and district staff, the March 17th Alachua County School Board meeting of March 17 will go on as scheduled at 6 p.m.

Non-essential items will be eliminated from the agenda to shorten the meeting. The board meeting room is being rearranged to limit seating to less than the fifty people recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and to promote ‘social distancing.’ A monitor will be installed in the building’s outdoor breezeway so overflow visitors can still watch the meeting, and those who wish to address the board will submit the standard request form and be called into the room one at a time.

The head of the district’s health services program, who is also a nurse, will be taking the temperatures of everyone entering the room and preventing those with fevers from going inside. Hand sanitizer will also be made available by the entrance. The boardroom will also undergo an extensive cleaning before the meeting.

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“We are fortunate that at this point Alachua County has no community transmission of COVID-19 and none of the existing cases have any connection to our schools,” said Jackie Johnson, Director of Communications. “We are just exercising an abundance of caution and modeling the behavior that’s recommended to limit the spread of the virus while still keeping up with important public business.”

Anyone who wishes to provide input about an agenda item but doesn’t wish to attend the board meeting in person can submit their input to Input must be submitted by 4 p.m. on March 17. The meeting agenda is posted at: 

Unless pre-empted by another public meeting, the Board meeting will be live streaming at

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