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Tags: By Mike Gilland of The Shepherd Radio Network

Faith + Inspiration

The peril of stubbornness

Jul 5, 2020
Most people reading articles like this are familiar with the story of Moses and his plight with Pharaoh, the king of Egypt who stubbornly lived through […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: That sudden storm that changes everything

Jun 28, 2020
I think about it every year – a storm that was unlike any I had ever experienced. That day, June 8, 1982, had started off like […]
Faith + Inspiration

Jesus: At the heart of justice

Jun 21, 2020
Isaiah 42 is a prophetic picture of Jesus, and it contains not only Old Testament words that pointed to the future Messiah, but words actually spoken by Jesus in […]
Faith + Inspiration

Grace on display that lit up my life

Jun 14, 2020
It was the late ‘70s, and I was a television producer for an Indiana church’s TV ministry.  Our show was called “Reborn,” and it featured stories […]
Faith + Inspiration

Dear to His heart

Jun 7, 2020
Ask just about anybody on the street to define a Christian, and most will say something like “a Christian is someone who loves God.”  And that […]
Faith + Inspiration

Memorial Day 2020: Lest we forget…

May 25, 2020
I just completed reading through the book of Genesis, and in doing so, I was reminded of an act by Jacob that is recorded in Genesis […]
Faith + Inspiration

The beautiful power of authentic example

May 24, 2020
Our children are much more aware of their surroundings than we think.  Even if we don’t notice it ourselves, they are picking up on conversations that […]
Faith + Inspiration

Keep on running the race…

May 17, 2020
The Bible is replete with images from real life that help us understand God’s principles and direction for our lives. One of the most helpful for […]