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Government + Politics

Alachua County to change investment policy, continues ballot initiative

May 14, 2024
County will stop investing in corporations.
Government + Politics

Alachua County plans redo of 2022 single-member districts vote

Apr 9, 2024
Commissioners approved starting a new ballot measure.
Government + Politics

County tax collector sued, BOCC aids in defense 

Sep 5, 2023
State agency also sued at least nine other tax collectors.
Government + Politics

County pushes back on PACE program 

Jun 9, 2023
State agency continues operations despite lack of agreements.

BOCC reconsiders but doesn’t change housing vote 

Jan 11, 2023
Opposition from neighbors kept the BOCC from altering its path.
Government + Politics

BOCC pivots on affordable housing project

Sep 13, 2022
Commission wants to change location, asks for state approval.