BOCC clarifies how State Order moving Florida into Phase 3 changes county’s Emergency Order

Phase 3
Phase 3
This Order was released to clarify what is currently in place in the County’s Emergency Order in light of recent actions by the Governor. Businesses are still required to post “masks required” signs and require their employees to be masked; masking is required for residents; groups over 50 must be socially distanced or all must be masked; and law enforcement may disperse crowds of any size that are not following safety requirements.
See below for the most pertinent paragraphs within the Order:
1. Alachua County shall be governed as set forth below.
2. Operations of services and activities.
a. All services and activities permitted to be operated by Governor DeSantis’ Executive Orders (in existence as of this Emergency Order and executed subsequent to this Emergency Order) may operate in Alachua County pursuant to the standards contained herein and referenced by this Emergency Order. All services and activities shall operate in accordance with OSHA and CDC guidelines applicable to their business.
b. All services and activities, in which persons are required to wear facial covering, shall post the appropriate signage in color in both English and Spanish, available here. or by calling 311 (for preprinted sign). Signs shall be at least 11in x 17in. Signage shall be posted in conspicuous locations, which are clearly visible to the patrons and employees throughout each physical location reminding patrons and employees to observe social distancing requirements and to use facial coverings, as required by this Emergency Order. Signage shall be posted, at a minimum, at all points of access (including employee points of access) and throughout the service and activity. Whenever possible, signage shall be posted between 4ft and 5ft as measured from the floor to the bottom of the sign.
3. Use of facial coverings.
a. Persons working in or visiting grocery stores, restaurants, bars, dance halls, nightclubs, in-store retail establishments, pharmacies, public transit vehicles, vehicles for hire, along with locations inside or outside, where social distancing measures are not possible shall appropriately wear facial coverings as defined by the CDC, in a manner which covers the mouth and orifices of the nose.
b. Facial covering includes any covering, which snugly covers the nose and mouth, whether store bought or homemade, and which is secured with ties or ear loops. The Centers for Disease Control provide examples of homemade facial coverings.[1]Persons who wear facial coverings should review the CDC and Florida Department of Health guidelines regarding safely applying, removing, and cleaning face coverings.
c. A facial covering shall not be required for children under six, persons who have trouble breathing due to a chronic pre-existing condition or individuals with a documented or demonstrable medical problem. It is the intent of this provision that those individuals who cannot tolerate a facial covering for a medical, sensory or any other condition, which makes it difficult for them to utilize a facial covering and function in public, are not required to wear one. It is recognized that this requirement is broader than what might be considered a covered condition under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
d. This Emergency Order does not change or alter any social distancing requirements imposed by this or any other emergency order.
e. This Emergency Order does not change any requirements for wearing facial coverings imposed by regulatory bodies or orders from the Governor.
f. Facial coverings do not have to be worn while actively eating or drinking.
g. Businesses and employers are required to ensure that their employees are using appropriate facial coverings and other methods to protect the employees and public, unless the employee meets an exception in Sec. 3(c) of this Emergency Order. The business or employer may be cited, along with the employee, for an employee’s violation of this Section, if the employee is actually engaged in employment-related activities at the time of the violation.
4. Groups with more than 50 people are not permitted to congregate in a space that does not readily allow for appropriate social distancing unless individuals are wearing facial coverings and may be ordered to disperse by law enforcement or other governmental employees authorized by the County Manager or in the case of a municipality the City Manager or other administrative head of the municipality. Groups of any number who are not socially distancing and not wearing facial coverings will be required to socially distance and may be ordered to disperse by law enforcement or other governmental employees authorized by the County Manager or in the case of a municipality the City Manager or other administrative head of the municipality if they do not comply. Social distancing, for the purpose of this provision, requires adherence to the social distancing recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the Surgeon General of Florida, and requires 6 foot spacing between persons of different households.

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