Math, reading scores fall during pandemic


Data from the National Center for Education Statistics released Thursday showed that 9-year-olds’ reading scores fell by five percentage points, while math fell by seven in the past two years.

This is the largest drop in reading scores in 30 years and the first drop in math in the history of the test. After two years of online school and inconsistent school openings, students are performing at a level last seen two decades ago, said Daniel McGrath, the acting associate commissioner of NCES.

Were there any disparities? Math scores dropped by five points for white students, 13 points for Black students, and eight points for Hispanic students.

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This increased the divide between Black and White students by eight percentage points. There was not a significant difference in reading scores and there were only slight differences geographically. 

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My program, written when I lived in Micanopy, had 300 students from NYC all significantly behind in reading during the midst of the pandemic. The average reading GAIN for those students with 4 months of in-home tutoring was 2 years. No loss there. We know how to teach reading, even if the students were not in school, we have chosen to pay our monies for things that do not work.