Gilland: A surprising outcome

 Well, congratulations are in order – we did it! We have made it to the last Sunday of this most crazy year, perhaps the craziest in memory. Most of us are ready to ring in the new year, with a hope held dear that 2021 will bring with it better days.

In my role at the Shepherd Radio, I am privileged to get to talk to many people from all over the nation. One of the regular guests on my show is Dave Zanotti, president of American Policy Roundtable, and host of the Public Square, heard on our stations and other radio outlets around the nation. This year for Christmas, The Public Square celebrated its 10th Anniversary of “searching for the manger.” These annual specials focus on highlighting a particular year in American history, including the music of that year, and important events that impacted our nation. This year’s special was entitled, “Christmas in America 1968.”

This year’s “1968” special focused on some amazing similarities to 2020. To begin with, the year 1968 found our country battling a pandemic – the Hong Kong Flu. Add to that widespread civil unrest, seemingly unabated drug abuse was commonplace, and a revolution was underway in our sexual ethics. No doubt about it – 1968 was a difficult year.

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But that is not the whole story. A most amazing phenomenon started happening all over the country. Young people started putting their faith in Christ, and baptisms were happening in swimming pools across the country. Coffeehouses started opening in every city that featured Christian singer songwriters. In short, it was soon very apparent that America was witnessing a revival, one that would soon birth ministries that are still making a difference to this very day—not only in this country, but around the world.

I am sure that no one would have seen that revival coming, especially on the heels of a very difficult year. But that is just the thing: Revivals don’t happen because we want them. They happen because God has sovereignly chosen to move in a special and powerful way.

That is exactly what happened in 1968. How wonderful it would be to see a move of God in our culture following this crazy year. And you know what? It could happen.

I encourage you to check out The Public Square’s website, and listen to “Christmas in America 1968. You will be glad you did.

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