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Faith + Inspiration

Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: You heard it here

Aug 7, 2022
How much more peace we could enjoy if we talked less and listened more?
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Relating to God

Jul 24, 2022
Thoughts on Christian worship.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Keep pressing on

Jul 17, 2022
Thoughts on persevering through life's trials and challenges.

Gilland: A smile goes a long way

Jul 10, 2022
It’s more fun to greet someone who appears happy or jovial.
Faith + Inspiration

Faith Spotlight: Local pastor looks to build bridges

Jul 3, 2022
Preaching is only the beginning of Gerard Duncan’s community involvement.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: July 4th and free lunch

Jul 3, 2022
Thoughts on ultimate freedom.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Suffer the little ones

Jun 26, 2022
Thoughts on the Supreme Court's landmark decision.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: A Father’s love, life and legacy

Jun 19, 2022
Reflecting on my Dad’s sacrifice, support and love.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Choosing faith over fear

Jun 12, 2022
A name that would be worthy to appear on any list of favorite characters in the Bible would be that of Joshua, son of Nun. In […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Pondering the greatest gift

Jun 5, 2022
We’ve had a flurry of birthdays recently, and what joyous times those are. Having four children, then adding four spouses, then the grands, gives us plenty […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: How do you mend a broken heart?

May 29, 2022
The experience of heartbreak is just about as old as life itself. Going all the way back to Genesis 1, we see that this human condition […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Hope makes a big difference

May 22, 2022
I had an interview with a guest recently, and he referred to himself as a “glass half-full kind of guy.” I chucked inwardly at that description, […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: A life well lived

May 15, 2022
My family just said goodbye to my dear Mother, who passed away in Indiana on May 4. Mom lived to be a ripe ole’ age of […]
Faith + Inspiration

GIlland: A quiet confidence in God

May 1, 2022
We are all facing it daily—dire statements from governmental leaders, expressions of fear from neighbors and family members, and endless headlines pointing us to even greater […]
Faith + Inspiration

Ex-Gator QB Driskel talks UF, family camp

Apr 27, 2022
Former Gator quarterback Jeff Driskel had his best season at UF in 2012, when he led the team to an 11-2 record, a Sugar Bowl appearance, […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: A word on preaching what we practice

Apr 24, 2022
It was my great privilege to be invited to the recent D6 Conference in Orlando, a large gathering of church leaders, heads of ministries, and Christian […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Hope is alive because He lives

Apr 17, 2022
It is no accident or coincidence that people all over the globe are celebrating Easter Sunday this morning. In every continent, in every nation, believers in […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: The blessing of friendship

Apr 10, 2022
We learn the value of a friend in the very beginning of our lives. From those early times of skipping rope on the sidewalk, enjoying neighborhood […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: The power of encouragement

Apr 3, 2022
There is one need that we all face, regardless of our age, background, ethnicity, or level of faith in God, and that is our need for […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: A whole new world

Mar 27, 2022
I am sure that somebody, at some time, would have said this: “I am an old-fashioned guy living in a new-fangled world.” Well, at least that […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Finding beauty in ashes

Mar 13, 2022
It was quite a week for my wife, her mother, and her brother. Cindy’s dad, the Rev. Jim Biram, passed away on March 4 after a […]
Faith + Inspiration

Faith Spotlight: Pastor pushes for racial unity

Feb 27, 2022
The Rev. Alex Farmer’s persistent pursuit of unity gained momentum on the heels of a national tragedy. The 2015 mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal […]
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Praying for Ukraine

Feb 27, 2022
During my years in school, as I took courses to help me get a handle on this English language of ours, we were instructed to avoid […]

Gilland: Explaining the ‘Doctrine of God’

Feb 20, 2022
The world is currently in turmoil. From the trucker situation in Canada, to the tension between Ukraine and Russia, and the rampant inflation here in our […]