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Good morning Gainesville, and welcome to Mainstreet Daily News—a site dedicated to telling the story of this community. We’re glad you found us.

It’s been a little over 150 years since its founding, but in that time Gainesville has grown into a vibrant city with a diverse population of over 125,000 residents with vibrant and historical neighborhoods, a flourishing economy, attractive landscapes, outdoor recreation, attractions, events, an exciting foodie scene and an endless array of arts and cultural choices.

It's truly one of the great places to live in all of Florida.

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And a city like Gainesville deserves to have its story told every day and up to the minute because it moves at a pace too fast for newsprint and ink, but with the lightning speed of a digital platform.

We also think that local journalism is important to the well-being of its community, and not just partially, but a hyper-local focus that takes the extra step of not only reporting on news important to Gainesville, but then providing solutions to the news it reports.

Mainstreet Daily News is a local independent online news site, and with your help we want to become the voice of Gainesville.

We’ll cover stories which includes local breaking news, features, coming events, arts, sciences, the environment, healthcare, education, children, family life, the local economy, religion, and government.

It is our intention to inform, engage, and inspire our readers, while also making a difference in the community.

From politics to churches, to your children’s youth sports league, Mainstreet Daily News will cover it all with timeliness, accuracy, and the objectivity its readers want and deserve. We understand that ordinary people often do extraordinary things, and when they do, we will be there to report on them.

So go ahead Gainesville, go to the movies, check out a new restaurant, win a state championship, break the course record, run for office, start a new business, launch a non-profit, or just engage with your community—Mainstreet Daily News will be there every day to tell your story.

Thanks again for taking a look at our news site. We hope you return soon.

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