Judges select 21 Cade Fibonacci Finalists

Cade Museum
Cade Museum

Judges recently named this year’s Fibonacci Finalists for the 13th Annual Cade Prize for Innovation.  

Two businesses in Alachua County, Current Kinetics and Sustainable Landfill Solutions LLC, made the list.  

The finalists compete for $64,000 of prize money. The winners will be announced on Sept. 29 at the Cade Prize Awards at the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention.  

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The prize money for placing in the top five is as follows: $34,000 for first place, $13,000 for second place, $8,000 for third place, $5,000 for fourth place, $3,000 for fifth place, and $1,000 for the People’s Choice. Each winner also receives $2,000 of in-kind legal services. 

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention aims to transform communities by inspiring future investors and entrepreneurs. With the help of her husband, Richard Miles, Phoebe Cade Miles continues to lead the project. 

“Moving early-stage ideas beyond the lab and into the marketplace often takes years and significant capital,” said Richard, Cade Museum co-founder, in a press release. “The Cade Prize is designed to boost early-stage inventors to that next level. They have a better chance of attracting bigger funders by using prize money for things like patents, licensing, manufacturing, distribution or marketing.” 

Fibonacci Finalists 
Ambulero, Inc. (Fla.) 
Gene and cell therapy approach for patients with ischemic limb diseases 
Blazing Audio (Fla.)  
AuraSense Portal, remote touch technology allowing virtual engagement with patients 
City Detect Inc. (Ala.) 
City Detect, analyzing urban decay with cameras and artificial intelligence 
CoFlow Jet Wind Turbines, LLC (Fla.) 
Sustainable, low-cost wind turbine technology 
Current Kinetics (Fla.) 
Next Generation Marine Hydrokinetic Turbines 
Halo Engines (Fla.) 
Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine 
IDEM System (Fla.) 
Field Drug Detection and Surveillance System 
Ilika Geospatial (Fla.) 
Earth Observation Indices 
Kismet Technologies (Fla.) 
NanoRAD, a surface technology to provide virus and bacteria protection 
Moye Consultants (Fla.) 
Advanced Energy Storage Technologies 
Nailed It Building Products (Fla.) 
Nailed It Concrete, a cost-effective concrete alternative 
NEPTUNYA Ocean Power (Fla.) 
OCTOPODZ, a technology to unlock offshore renewable energy 
Nhu Energy, Inc. (Fla.) 
Clean electric power systems for land, sea, air and space 
Polymer Solutions, Inc (Ga.) 
Polymers that can transition from the solid state to the vapor state on-command 
Portable Solar (Fla.) 
Self-Assembled Home Solar System 
PRAG, LLC (Fla.) 
WriggleBrew, organic alternative to fertilizers 
Reboot Reforestation (Ala.) 
Planting trees with drone technology 
SG Endocrine Research, LLC (Ga.)  
Nanoparticles for non-surgical spaying and neutering 
Snake Oil Extractors (Fla.) 
Closed Rotator Extractor 
SprainGo LLC (Fla.) 
Pine Rosin, a non-drug topical for inflammation 
Sustainable Landfill Solutions LLC (Fla.) 
RO BOX, Modular On-site Landfill Leachate Treatment System 

Visit The Cade Museum website to learn more.

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