Mainstreet Daily News 2022 Community Impact Report

The Mainstreet Daily News releases its first print edition on June 29.
The Mainstreet Daily News releases its first print edition on June 29.

In our 2021 Community Impact Report, the list of developments in Mainstreet’s first full year in operation ran quite long. This year, we’re pleased to present a list that is again long and builds on the foundation we laid in 2020 and 2021.  

Do you want to know what is even more important than this list of accomplishments? The way the community has responded. Year over year, our website page views and sessions have more than doubled. Our organic search traffic surged 82%, while our unique users rose by more than 76%.  

Our newsletter traffic has increased 134% — and newsletter subscribers have shot up more than 350% in the last 12 months.  

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Individual supporters and advertisers have also grown sharply in 2022, a critical sign that there’s a lot more than clicks behind those traffic numbers. 

These extremely positive trends form a collective vote of confidence from the community for Mainstreet Daily News. We are working every day to earn your trust, and your response tells us that we are succeeding.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  

J.C. Derrick 

Mainstreet staff
Mainstreet staff include: (back row from left) Seth Johnson, Mike Ridaught and C.J. Gish. (front row from left) Camille Broadway, Ronnie Lovler and J.C. Derrick.

Staffing up 

The year began with Mainstreet adding longtime newspaper publisher Diane Kortus as a consultant. She helped us launch our print edition, then returned in September to handle regional and national sales. In May, Janalyn Peppel came on board, focusing initially on local sales and later adding a role as ad production manager.  

Over the summer we added full-time reporter Taryn Ashby and freelance photographer Megan V. Winslow. In the fall we welcomed our first intern, UF student Lily Martin. And in December we brought on Olivia Hanna as an administrative assistant—although you will see her byline appearing as well.  

We also added Eliyas Garcia as circulation manager, along with a team of carriers to deliver our new print edition.  

New projects 

Gainesville's Charlotte Gravlee sets up for a hit against Buchholz on Tuesday.
Photo by Megan V. Winslow Gainesville’s Charlotte Gravlee.


What they are saying 

You sent us more feedback than ever in 2022. It came in the form of comments on stories, emails, phone calls, texts, mailed letters, social media engagement, our reader survey, and even stopping our carriers to thank them for delivering the paper.  

Here is a small sampling of that feedback:  

“Finally a publication I can trust!”  
— Reader Monica Griffis 

“Mainstreet is a new voice of inclusion in the community, always on the scene to tell the story for all.” 
—Gainesville Commissioner Cynthia Moore Chestnut 

“Newberry is so grateful to have a new, fresh and unbiased paper in our community. Mainstreet Daily News’ commitment to covering all of Alachua County is amazing, and Newberry is excited to welcome them to our area!” 
— Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe 

Looking ahead 

The future at Mainstreet Daily News is brighter than ever. Despite all the gains in 2022, we have more major projects and plans coming together for the new year. We remain focused on becoming the go-to source of news and information in North Central Florida, and we know we have more work to do in order to achieve that.  

The good news is that the state of journalism in our community is in fact strong. We look forward to growing with you in 2023! 

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